There is definitely a buzz about Singapore.  It’s got that busy-bee vibe.  The busses are packed full of sweaty commuters whose shirts are wetter than a seal’s belly.  Dotted about the malls are yoga-mat carrying chicks oozing cool while sipping on iced matcha tea.

We are gave ourselves two full days to explore the main sights, which included allowing my mum and her like-minded cronies several hours of shopping on Arab Street looking for dress material.  The men sat around asking when we could go get a beer.

We explored the city by foot.  I wanted to see as much Colonial Architecture as possible because it’s so much prettier than all the glass boxes thrown up around the city.

Obligatory nod to Raffles.

On our second day we hopped on the metro to get to Singapore Zoo. As a bit of a London Gal I am well versed in Tube Etiquette: I always let people off before I try to get on and will do that passive aggressive head-shake thing if some tourist does the opposite, then I always take my bag or rucksack off my shoulder when standing in the aisles and I never, ever, EVER start a conversation or even make eye-contact with my fellow travellers.  Americans, if you’re reading this and planning a trip to London please take note.  Not to single you out but some of the worst offending has come from your fellow countrymen.  Anyway,  I was mortified when an old man on the Singapore Metro told me off for munching on some dried mango.  Apparently eating is not allowed on the Metro.

Mango Meme

Sidebar: Did you know that chewing gum is also banned in Singapore.  Hubs did that thing where he didn’t believe me and so asked a chap in the supermarket where the gum was.  It got a bit awkward. Enough Said.

The zoo is huge, which is great for the animals because they aren’t couped up in tiny cages and also a little ironic given that most of Singapore’s people live in tiny apartments.  They had the cutest, sweetest, cheekiest Orangutans I’ve ever met.

Just hanging around, enjoying lunch
Sweet Kisses.

It took a good few hours to walk around the zoo and even then we missed a few of the animals (I’ve seen enough vicious Macaques in the last 5 months to never want to see another one again in my life).  A few other favourites:

I loved these two elephants.  I wish I’d made a video because they were DANCING, in time! They were totally adorable.

Making friends.




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