A Very British Day

A few weeks ago Hubs and I went home to London.  We managed to make it to a very fun wedding reception, hung out with old friends in some pubs and ate out at Nandos a LOT and generally had a very merry time.  We also managed to fit in a visit to see my parents, who live in the West Midlands.  While we were there the weather did something unexpected and threatened to take a turn for the better.  So we decided to capitalise on this, like any good British people would, by planning a picnic.

We headed to Telford to see the world’s first iron bridge, which opened on New Years Day 1781 and has been given UNESCO World Heritage Status.  And for very good reasons.  Pretty much every picture I took turned out stunning:

hillyleft viewcentre black and whiteDSC05009

There are lots of nature trails perfect for walking through the forest if you can muster up the energy.  We opted for a short walk over and under the bridge.  Just enough to work up an appetite.

I was so impressed by the gorgeous surroundings that I really struggled to stop myself from taking hundreds of photos.

wall ivybee in the flowershydrangeas

We found a nice quiet spot for a picnic and settled down with our giant spread (my parents, being Punjabi, only do 5 course meals and nothing shorter).  We were quite impressed that the weather had held up and we were gloating about how great it was that we were outdoors, soaking up the sunshine and getting some fresh air when, out of nowhere, a bee appeared.  We flapped it away.  A few minutes later it was back and it brought friends. Hubs knocked over the olives while frantically trying to shield his cup of diet coke.  The wind blew away my crisps, which seemed to attract the bees even more.  So much for being outdoors. We scoffed our sarnies as quickly as we could and ran back to the car park where an Antiques Market caught our eye, which turned out to be perfect for spending an hour or so browsing.  Hubs bought a huge painting of a spitfire and I got some dinner plates so it looks like we are well and truly settling into our thirties.  Domestic bliss!

Just a couple more of that gorgeous bridge before I go:

My hair was going for something big and crazy that day!

peak of the bridge


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